I spend a lot of time of Facebook…..there you go I’ve admitted it! Now that I’m using it to promote my business I have a legitimate reason for spending time there (well that was clever of me!), and although I know there are people out there who “hate” it (my mother being one!), there are just so many positives about it, if used in the right way, that I just can’t help but LOVE it!

It is the most fantastic resource for communicating with friends and when you are embarking on a weight loss programme or health & fitness goal it can be hugely useful.

When setting goals and making life changes one of the questions a coach would ask you (if you are savvy enough to be working with a coach ….coaching plug there!) is “What resources do you have to help you with this?”. Well look no further than good old Facebook! You have your band of cheerleaders just waiting to see what you are doing next, encourage you, laugh with you, and to pick you up when things are not so good.

You must think carefully as to what message you send out though, because this can determine the result you get. I have a wonderful friend Matt Down who has recently lost a shedful of weight on the Jason Vale Juice Programme (notice I say Programme not Diet). From day one Matt put photos of his juice and his plan, he did it with such enthusiasm all his friends got on board, loads of supportive messages would accompany every post Matt put up – because he was obviously being positive about it, his friends were too – I don’t think I saw one comment that threw any doubt on his journey. I’m sure this was hugely helpful to Matt plus he was making himself accountable to his friends, he put it out there that he was doing this for 28 (or was it 29?) days so he had to stick with it. Now we can see his success and his results, I’m sure it is empowering others to try the same thing (well I know this for sure, as so many of Matt’s friends have asked for more details).

Had Matt posted a photo of his green juice and commented “well this is what I have to drink this morning…” I’m sure there would have been less positive comments – they would have been more along the lines of “oh poor you, pass me the bacon sandwich”.

Of course you can do the same thing in real life (we all know Facebook isn’t real life) – we all know the friends we have that bring out the best in us, always make us feel better – hang with the people who will keep you on your journey – this makes it much more fun!

As in all aspects of life, you get what you put in – put your message out there – make your friends realise how important this is to you….. you have your reasons for wanting to make change…. You don’t have to go into detail, just work on getting the support and before you know it you will have your own little team of cheerleaders!

In a world where we are surrounded by temptation, use your resources, get to where you want to be – you might find there are more benefits than first thought!

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