I don’t know about you but I treat holidays a little like New Year’s Eve, it’s a great time to set new resolutions, new goals and think about what you really want to do next.

 Sitting on a beach with either a great book or your headphones in listening to music, while watching the world around you enjoy themselves, children running in and out of the ocean, building sandcastles, with concentration etched on their faces is lovely to watch (especially when they aren’t your children to worry about!), but also I find myself thinking about how I can improve on things, what exciting new projects do I want to start etc……you don’t always have time to do this kind of thinking during normal day to day life.

 We are all so busy these days, and when we aren’t a lot of us are addicted to the stimulus from our phones and tablets – we very rarely nowadays just sit and think.  I can’t even stand in a queue for over a minute without getting my phone out of my bag and catching up with either social media or the latest news.

 So while sitting on the beach, I came up with a few goals for myself….the obvious one being….I want to lose the half stone I’ve put on during the holiday (I know it will be half a stone without looking on the scales when I get home).

 Over the last two years I have studied a lot about human behaviour so I’m eager to try a few techniques out on myself – especially with regards to will power, habit forming and goal setting.  I’m starting with the advantage of feeling refreshed and restored after the holiday, so I’m giving myself a good fighting chance of success!

 So my starting point is finding my motivation – something exciting and inspiring – I know…our next holiday!  Not till November but having spent 11 days looking at toned bodies in bikinis I want that too – I want to be able to feel comfortable and confident when I next step out on the beach.  So that will be what I will remind myself of on a daily basis – I’ve started writing a journal so each morning I wake up and write down how I feel the day before went, what could I improve on (try not to drink too much Pinot Grigio when out for dinner, keeping away from my mum’s Chocolate Biscuit Cake….that sort of thing) and then write small achievable goals – not too many negatives – but words of encouragement that might help me when I’m losing that motivation and will power.

 I love stationery so writing a journal is a joy for me….in fact I can’t start anything new in my life without buying new stationery (whether necessary or not)!

 It’s all about planning too – we all know ourselves well and we know what will lead us astray.  So this year (a first I have to say) I booked a training session for the morning after I get back from holiday – I knew that if I didn’t I would take two weeks to get back in the “zone”. 

 I remind myself that I really really really want this goal – think of those bodies on the beach and think that is what I’m going to have!!!  I know I’ll probably put on half a stone on the next holiday but I’ll do it mindfully and knowing that I’m making the most of a great relaxing holiday but I’ve got the motivation and skills to get back into the zone when I get home!

 The feeling that you get once you have achieved a goal is fantastic and acts as motivation for you to achieve the next one……so the answer is obviously….take more holidays so you have more time to think of more goals!

 2nd August 2016

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